Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Trial

Our October trial has come and gone. It was a great time as usual, with some phenomenal runs and the always fun times with our friends both human and canine. We had a very successful raffle this year that will contribute to some great new equipment for the club. Thanks to everyone who participated, be that by donating items, assembling baskets or buying tons of tickets to try and win a prize! Congrats to all the raffle winners.

There was a great deal of success to celebrate, our brag board was completely full! Huge congrats to the following teams:

Cathy Cage & Casey- Versatility NATCH-20!!!

Scott Casino & Summer - NATCH-10!

Sam Lietz & The Schatzinator - NATCH-10!

Debi & Gabe - NATCH-5!

Cathy Cage & Clayton- NATCH and Versatility NATCH-4!

Katie Rash & Bella - NATCH-3!

Scott Casino & Cali - Versatility NATCH-2!
Gate Witch accepts ribbons on Scott's behalf

Diana Deadrick & Chesnee- Elite Triple Superior and TRIPLE TRIPLE SUPERIOR!

Lissie - Novice Versatility 

Priscilla Warnock & Robey- Open Superior Regular

Peggy Simpson & Chip- Novice Superior T&G

 Lisa Capps & Gabriel - O-TG-N

Sam - Elite Chances

Lorraine Ross & Coupe: Debut 1st Q T&G

Diane & Sage - Debut and 1st Regular Q

Ralph & Buster - First Q and then 2 more! 

Big congrats to our High in Trial teams as well, Elite - Nicolette Eaton and Canon, Veteran - Jean Wilkins and Kopper, Open - Beth Strother and Keegan, Novice - Erin Batchelor and Lola! Well done all of you, great consistent teams who are putting it all out there on every run.

It was a great 2013 trialing with you all, have a great holiday season and we will see you in January to kick off 2014!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

PZ scores big at NADAC Championships!

The front of the coliseum where Champs was held in Springfield, Illinois
PAWZAZZ, a big hearted team from a really little state, was fabulous at the 2013 NADAC Championships!

I will shortly list all of their accomplishments but before I do that, you, the reader should know that all of the ribbons and trophies fade into the background of this very special, gracious, supportive and caring team of people who all went to Springfield with visions of victory but they never let that become more important than the overall needs of their teammates.

There were 9 regular divisions plus 4 other divisions. The regular divisions required running for 4 consecutive days on tough and challenging courses. The other 4 divisions required running for 6 consecutive days combining both pre-championship and championship results!

PAWZAZZ was a contender!!!!!

In the 9 regular divisions, we had entrants in 6 of the 9 divisions.

In Double Digit Veterans Large Dogs, Priscilla Warnock and Lefty her Golden Retriever, had some great runs  with some nice placements. Lefty was also the High Scoring Double Digit Golden Retriever with 8 out of 9 clean runs! Also, Jean Wilkins and her Aussie Kopper ended up 6th overall! Tom Moloney Harmon and his Sheltie Piper also had some extremely nice runs.

In 12” Regular, Pat Moloney Harmon fought hard and had some brilliant runs! She and her Sheltie Beckham came in 2nd Overall!

Pat and Beckham posing with Sharon Nelson

In 12” Vets, Paula Goss and her Border Collie Trae blew everyone away winning their division with a 63 point lead!! Also in that division, Beth Cecil and her Border Collie Talon had some great runs including one breathtaking 1st place run!

Paula and Trae celebrating their third win in their last 3 Champs

In 16” Regular, Debi Hutchinson and her Border Collie Gabe (brother to Canon who you’ll read about in the 20” division), won their division in a hard fought battle! In third place overall was Paula Goss and her Border Collie Tess who really got it together for the championships! Deb Baracco and her Border Collie Cash also had some great runs in this very tough division. Pris Warnock’s Robey showed energy and drive and potential for a great future in this sport!

Debi and Gabe with Sharon Nelson

Paula and Tessie taking third in Tessie's very first Champs!

In 16” Vets, Deb Baracco and her Border Collie Jet blasted away the tough competition winning the division.

Deb Baracco and Jet with Sharon Nelson

In 20” Regular, Nicolette Eaton and her Boder Collie Canon, littermate to 16” Gabe excelled and won their division. As far as we know, this is the first time littermates have swept 2 divisions!

Nicolette and Canon with Sharon Nelson

Blue ribbon brothers!

In Triple Crown, Judy Whitbred and her very young Sheltie Pebbles had stunning runs that were thrilling and she bounced around from 1st to 3rd, ending up in 3rd place overall.

Judy and Pebbles with Sharon Nelson

Jean Wilkins and her Aussie Zephyr also had some solid and happy runs as did Catherine Christianson and her Smooth Collie Katydid.

In Starter Stakes, Sam Lietz and her Rat Terrier Schatzi battled their way into 2nd place!

Sam and the Schatzinator with Sharon Nelson

There were several special awards earned by PAWZAZZers, but possibly the most special was the awarding of the Lucky Award by Sharon in a 3-way tie to Deb Baracco, Scott Casino and Cathie Cage. The Lucky Award is awarded to the teams that exhibit the best relationship and most represent the spirit of NADAC at Champs. It is a huge honor and went to 3 very deserving teams.

Group hug!

Other special awards earned by PZ were:

Paula Goss and Trae - High Scoring Canine Cancer Survivor
Priscilla Warnock and Lefty - High Scoring Double-Digit Golden Retriever
Sam Lietz and Schatzi - High Scoring Rat Terrier, High Scoring Terrier
Judy Whitbred and Pebbles - High Scoring Sheltie, High Scoring Blue Merle Sheltie and more?

From start to finish, every member of PAWZAZZ was the heart and support for every other member there and it showed. They cheered not only for each other but for everyone with a good run or a really great try, even those they competed against. TEAM PAWZAZZ, a force on the course!

All of our division winners
Champs is all about camaraderie, friendships new and old.

The always amazing PZ MD themed raffle basket

Exhibitors entrance

Need we say more?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Trial

Well our first daytime July trial is in the books. We tried a new site and a new time and it was a great success! After a week of sweltering temps, we were blessed with surprisingly cool(ish) and breezy weather. The dogs enjoyed being out of the sun and having the pond to take a dip in if they got too warm or just wanted to blow off some steam. We really appreciate Mary and Connie supplying us with such a great facility in which to play with our teammates.

We had two big debuts this weekend. It is always a pleasure to watch new handlers with new dogs or established handlers just starting out with their baby dogs. Congrats and welcome to the madness Odette and Nitro. And way to go Jean and Wit on making your NADAC debut.

Nitro loves this game!

Wit is driving through the finish

Another big "re-debut" for Val and Chloe in the jumping classes now that she is an 8" Skilled Veteran. Not sure who's smile was bigger as they were flying around the courses.

Katie and her Platinum Speed Star Thunderbunny Bella were tearing up courses on Saturday, and then Katie's daughter Alayna came to visit us all on Sunday. She even got to play some agility, running her very first Hoopers course with Beth doing a fine job of handling.

The big finish!
Alayna is showing off her winnings

Judge Chris Nelson brought us some fun and challenging courses and his usual good company.  Lots of big accomplishments this weekend. Big congrats to the following:

Jean Wilkins and Kopper - NATCH 25 and Versatility NATCH 25!! HOLY COW!

Beth Cecil and Talon - NATCH!

Nicolette Eaton and Canon - Versatility NATCH!

Rosemary Haynes and K.C. NATCH!


And last but not least, big congrats to our High In Trial winners. What a talented and consistent group of competitors.

Elite High in Trial - Sam Lietz and Schatzi

Veteran High in Trial - Jean Wilkins and Kopper

Open High in Trial - Connie Day and Jaina

Novice High in Trial - Erin Batchelor and Lola


L-R: Connie and Jaina, Erin, Sam, Jean, and our fearless leader Debi

Thanks to everyone for making this weekend so much fun. As Paula said, "Pawzazz is a family.  We support each other, we fight with each other, we make up with each other.  We help each other through huge losses, celebrate holidays, toast milestones, cheer up from illnesses, help move from house to house, help raise each others puppies, kids, spouses.....we're crazy, competitive, loud, quiet, laid back, uptight, shy.......but at the end of the day, we are one!" We love our Pawzazz family and all of our extended family as well that come and support our trials and make them the fun and relaxed time that they are.

The Debs obsessing about Africa...

In October we will hold the final trial of the year at Blob's Park. Next year, 3 of the 5 trials will be at Hog Dog in Millersville and 2 will be at Periland in Knoxville, MD. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Trial

Last year at this trial we were slowly baking in 90+ degree temps. This year we were bundled up in fleece hats and winter coats enduring the wind chill! Most of us were more than happy to endure a bit of wind burn to see the dogs run fast with big smiles in the unexpected cold snap. It was a huge improvement!

The next generation of agility pups got to practice a bit and just hang out and watch the big dogs strut their stuff. By the time they debut they will all be seasoned travelers and trial goers. We are excited to see them in the ring sometime in 2014!

Phyllis Hayden's Beamer contemplates the meaning of water

Deb Baracco's Spy shows off his Hooping skills

Nicole Bailey's Loki shows off his inner piranha in a game of tug with Mom

We had lots of great runs and some major accomplishments. Huge congrats to the following teams:

Priscilla Warnock and Lefty - NATCH-6 !!

Lisa Krizan and Jasper - NATCH!!

Jan Moran and Izzy - Triple Triple Superior!

Paula Goss and Tessie - Platinum Speed Star/Versatility Platinum Speed Star!

Debi Hutchinson and Gabe - Platinum Speed Star/Versatility Platinum Speed Star!

 Priscilla Warnock and Robey - Novice Triple Superior and Novice Superior Versatility!

Congrats to the following teams on some awesome milestones as well:

Fran and Nova - Elite Regular title (no photo available)

Chris and Piper - Outstanding Open Jumpers title (no photo available)

Bonnet had her fastest run ever, 3.85 YPS!!


Jasper - Outstanding Elite Weavers title (no photo available)


Lucy - Q'd in Weavers (no photo available)


Chip - Weavers Q at 5.15 YPS!!

It was a very successful weekend for a lot of teams. Awesome job by the High in Trial winners:

Elite High in Trial - Tie between Nicolette Eaton and Canon & Sam Lietz and Schatzi!


Veterans High in Trial - Tie between Beth Strother's Phantom (expertly handled by Phyllis Hayden) & Jean Wilkins and Kopper


Open High in Trial - Phil Ulerich and Copper


Novice High in Trial - Clay Batchelor and Yoshi


Thanks for coming to play with us. See you all in July!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Trial

We had absolutely glorious weather for our Autumn trial. The leaves are starting to turn and the scenery was wonderful at Blob's Park this past weekend. Cool, but comfortable temps and sunshine had the dogs running fast and the handlers smiling. Our judge Corey Wadja brought some really fun and challenging courses for us to try. Many of us were quite successful, those of us that weren't still had a blast.

A big part of the October trial is the gigantic raffle. Something like 100 baskets over the course of two days, carefully compiled by Pat Moloney-Harmon and her awesome basket-making elves from generous donations made by several people over the year. It is a tremendous undertaking and is critical to getting much needed donations for our equipment fund. Over the two days of the trial we received over $800 to put toward new equipment to keep our dogs running happy and safely! Thank you to all who donated, put together baskets and helped to run the raffle. And thanks to those who bought tickets to try their luck. Some of you buy MANY and it is definitely appreciated. Pivotal in making this year's raffle a success was PAWZAZZ Pit Crew Ruth Houser, who not only almost single handedly kept the raffle going, but bought a ton of tickets and had tons of loot to take home back to Florida! Good thing she won the big bag as well to lug home all of her goodies that she didn't share with friends.

Ruth is looking festive in her horns

When they weren't busy running dogs or working their tails off, several club members were participating in puppy playtime with their new teammates. There is a huge crop of baby dogs getting ready to start intro class in the Spring! Deb Baracco and Spy, Phyllis Hayden and Beamer, Patty Kimball and Elli, Charlotte Idleman and Torrey, Val Embrey and Carly and Sam Lietz and Squeak all took part in the fun!  What a great group of puppies!

Elli and Carly having a good laugh at the boys' expense (L-R, Torrey, Spy, Beamer, Elli, Carly)
Torrey is learning to keep up with the big boys
Squeak catches Carly by surprise!

Speaking of baby dogs, we had some big debuts at this trial as well. First time handlers as well as seasoned handlers with their young dogs made their impact on the agility world. Welcome to the madness Beth Strother and Keegan, Ralph Corey and Buster and Susan Eiss and Jessie!

Keegan is flying!

Ralph and Buster running well

Jessie catching some air over the aframe

And taking the agility journey full circle, Mary McGlannan and Roscoe ran their last runs in competition. Mr Roscoe is now retired from agility but will continue working with Mary doing Nosework, which Roscoe loves!

There were lots of accomplishments, both big and small. Huge congrats go to the following:

Paula Goss and Trae - Versatility NATCH-8

Debbie Burdick and Dart - NATCH-4 and Versatility NATCH-3

Nicole Bailey and Jinn - Open Triple Superior

Joan Sullivan and Lucy (aka Lucy Goose Landshark) - Open Triple Superior

Steve Kowal and Sapphire - Open Triple Superior
Stephanie Reitz and Seamus - Superior Novice Chances and 1,000 Lifetime Points!

Diana Deadrick and Chesnee - Superior Open Regular

Connie Day and Arthas - Outstanding Novice Tunnelers
Connie Day and Jaina - Novice Tunnelers, Novice Regular titles

Peggy Simpson and Davy - Qualified for 2013 Champs!
Beth Strother and Keegan - A Q on his very first run!

We also celebrated Deb Baracco and Jet earning their Platinum Speed Star and Platinum Versatility Speed Star the week before at the CIA trial. That's a lot of VERY fast runs and one great team!

After it was all said and done we handed out the High in Trial Awards way to go guys!

Elite - Nicolette Eaton and Canon tied with Nicole Bailey and Jinn

Elite Veterans - Tom Moloney-Harmon and Piper tied with Peggy Simpson and Davy

Open - Lynn Sipe and Hootie

Novice - Diane Gilliam and Circe, a.k.a. "Brick House"

It was a fun time, a great way to end our 2012 trials. See everyone in February!

All photos courtesy of our amazing club photographers: Priscilla Warnock, Deb Baracco and Ken Briefel