Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Night Trial!

We were blessed with the best kind of weather imaginable for our night trial! After over a month of sweltering, humid, downright dangerous heat it was so refreshing to have two nights in a row starting in the 80s and then dropping from there. Some folks were even spotted with jackets on before the end of the night.

As usual, the Roadkill Cafe was going strong. Suz does an amazing job every time of running a smooth ship and the food is amazing and truly appreciated. She couldn't do it without her trusty grillmasters Mike and Geoff who keep those grills cooking well into the night. It didn't look like there were any leftovers to be taken home so everyone was kept well fed.

Jim Nally is a wonderful judge, he brought some fun courses and a great sense of humor as we ran dogs and partied into the night.

Andy and Lindy celebrate their first Q together with her as a rent-a-handler!

We even gave out some awards. Congratulations go out to:

Scott Casino and Summer who strutted their way to their first Medal!

Debi Hutchinson and Chime: NATCH-7/Versatility NATCH-7!

Nicole Bailey and Luxx - NATCH-6!

And congrats to our High in Trial winners:

Elite - Lynn Sipe and Asher

Open - Judy Whitbred and Rocky

Novice - Joan Sullivan and Lucy, a.k.a. "Goose"

It was a grand time, see you all in October!

All photos courtesy of Priscilla Warnock