Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Brags from In the Zone!

Mother Nature may have ordered up a chilly, wet weekend but under the big top on Ski Lane there were heartwarming smiles and spirits weren't dampened in the least. There was a lot of fun during the 3 day (ok, 2-1/2 day) In the Zone trial on March 13th, 14th and 15th.

We missed one of our favorite trial secretaries, Lisa Bonker from ITZ because she was running another trial in IL. But Dwayne Bonker was there to judge the show and represent ITZ with his usual, entertaining style.

Team PZ pulled together, as always, and helped keep this trial moving right along. Tom Moloney-Harmon and Nelson Hardy kept the pace with quick course building while Nicole Bailey was queen of the keyboard keeping scores posted for the eager exhibitors all weekend. Paula Goss played ring princess and only had to take off her crown and crack her whip a few times to fill vacant volunteer seats.

There were accomplishments, big and small, all around this weekend. To name just a few of the highlights from Team Pawzazz:

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie - Versatility NATCH # 16

Paula Goss and Trae - Versatility NATCH # 2 earned with a bonus line in

Priscilla Warnock and Lefty - NATCH # 1

Lucy Peacock and Trixie - Open Triple Superior

Debbie Brown and Bailey - Novice Triple Superior

In addition to those awards, other notable moments included:

Pat Moloney-Harmon and baby Beckham with an amazing TNG run on Friday. Watch for great things from this terrifiic team!

Debi Hutchinson and Chime has some beautiful runs where Chime decided not to argue with was a thing of beauty! And not to be outdone, Garen took home some purple, too.

"Newbies" Charlotte Idleman and Raven earned their Open Jumpers title ... wait, they aren't Newbies if they are in Open, huh?

Sandy Ziemski and Jig had some very nice runs ... I saw an amazing Jumpers run. Another baby dog that is already amazing us!

Katie Rash and Bella have been working hard on solid start-line stays and looked great this weekend.

We all missed Paulette Hardy but enjoyed watching Nelson keep up with running all the dogs himself and keeping them clean, too. How does he manage it?! Oh, and nice run with Luxx, too!

We were happy to have a visit from Anne Beach even though Pearl was on house arrest after wrestling with a raccoon. Gladly, Anne tells us that Pearl will be back at the next trial ... tell those raccoons to stay away!

Half-time entertainment was brought to us by BCW ... Border Collie Wrestlemania! Debi's puppy, Gabe, and his littermate, Nicolette Eaton's pup Canon, had a lot of fun in their double-wide ex-pen ... lots of wrestling, grr'ing and some serious napping! We all think the puppies grew a little taller between Saturday and Sunday!

We are also excited to hear that Diane Gilliam has a new puppy at home...Circe (pronounced sir-see, I believe). I know Roxie is teaching her all the right habits of a proper Rottie puppy. Can't wait to meet the new pup, Diane!

Congrats to everyone on a wonderful and fun weekend!