Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pawzazz Memorial Day Weekend Trial – Worthington Park

Good friends, good music, good weather – just good times once again in Ellicott City!

We were delighted that there was no rain and some gentle breezes unlike the weather at other recent trials. It was still a bit too hot for some dogs and handlers but, as always, PZers made good decisions in the best interest of their dogs and their own health. We missed those who had to curtail their agility fun due to the toll the heat took on them. Terry kept us grooving all weekend long with a great selection of tunes and it was fun to see people singing and rocking to the beat.

There are plenty of impressive brags from our PZ teammates:


Nicole Bailey and Mojo – NATCH-7/Versatility NATCH-7

Katie Rash and Bella - NATCH


Priscilla Warnock and Lefty – Regular Elite Superior

Beth Cecil and Talon – Hoopers Novice Superior

Debbie Brown and Bailey – TNG Novice Superior

High in Trial Winners:

Elite: Tom Maloney-Harmon and Maddie

Open: Lisa Krizan and Jasper

Novice: Sandy Ziemski and Jig (The Big Rig)

An honorable mention goes out to Steve Kowal and Sapphire in the Novice classes....they Q'd 5 out of 6 runs on Sunday. Way to go team!

The crowd gave a big round of applause for the debut of the newbie team of Louise Campbell-Brown and Kismet. Louise has been learning her lessons well from her PZ instructor as she fixed at least one start line “stay” and Kismet nailed those important 2o2o contacts! It was a very impressive debut with a first Q earned as well. We welcome Louise and Kismet to the addictive world of agility competition!

Anne Beach and Pearl returned to the ring after Pearl had been on the injured reserve list….and Pearl looked very happy about it!

Some substitute handlers gave spectators quite show: Paula ran with little Andy and also took a turn driving Jig “The Big Rig” around the ring. In Tunnelers, Jean showed Debi how to get a solid start line “stay” from Chime and also proved that the true “Queen of Not Quiet” isn’t Bracey, but Sheila! Pat Maloney-Harmon also had fun with Meg while Jane sat on the sideline with her handsome new Aussie, Sprint. Maybe we’ll see him in the agility ring in the future.

Due to the generosity of so many PZers, there were wonderful raffle prizes once again this year.


Outback Gift Card – Debbie Brown

Dog Bed – Keith Valenstein

Summer Grill Basket – Patty Kimball

Dick Francis Tapes – Sandy Ziemski

TV – Lindy Senasack

Screen Room – Jo Powell


Dog Bed – Sandy Ziemski

Summer Grill Basket– Russell Krizan

Summer Agility Dog Basket and a free lesson with Debi – Russell Krizan

Handcrafted Dog Paw Necklace from Anne Beach – Mary McGlannan

Thanks go all around to all the PZers who showed up on Friday to set up, got there early on Saturday and Sunday to get things rolling and stayed to help pack up after a long weekend! Special thanks to Jean W. for being the “Gate Keeper” for the weekend … she was there before everyone and stayed until the last car was gone!

Looking forward to more fun at Lothian in July for our night trial!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the Zone – Woodstown, NJ (May 8-10, 2009)

As usual, Pawzazz was well-represented at the latest ITZ trial. It was a fun trial at a great site (Salem County Fairgrounds) sandwiched right between two world-class "homemade" ice cream places!

Some of the smallest PZ dogs brought home big awards!

Leanne Lohmeyer and Sydney - MEDAL

Charlotte Idleman and Raven - Novice Superior Versatility

Patty Kimball and Kori - Novice Triple Superior

Way to go PZers! Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 23-24th at the next Pawzazz trial at Worthington Park in Ellicott City!