Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PAWZAZZ slogs through!

We want to thank everyone who came to our trial this past weekend and ran who worked so hard.

This was the most singularly miserable weekend we have ever experienced as a trial giving group. The only weather condition that didn't happen was warm. It didn't rain, it poured. Then, it drizzled. Then, overnight, it snowed. Finally, the wet stopped but the wind came up. YUK!

What is all this stuff??

For many years, we have somehow managed to squeak trials in between rain storms; ice storms; snowstorms; heatwaves and such and have avoided being slammed. We've kept quiet lest the little bad weather gods notice us and focus their skills upon us. I think they finally noticed.

Our very courageous judge, Randy hand, kept his word and constantly checked and re-checked safety factors, luckily always being able to decide that although it was "miserable" it was safe. He went above and beyond the call of duty, changing a flat tire on my car on the way home from dinner on Saturday night! Thanks Randy!

So many good choices were made about whether or not to run dogs. More dogs were pulled than ran BUT the ones that ran did so with style and were obviously having a blast in the rain and yuk. On Sunday, when things cleared up in the afternoon, it was great to see many more dogs on course.

Thanks to all who chose not to run but who stayed and made it all work!

Several big milestones were achieved regardless!

Nicolette Eaton and her tiny Sheltie Andy achieved their NATCH and Versatility NATCH! Not many teams that we know of got their Speed Star before their NATCH!

Randy, Nicolette and Debi

Beth Strother and her BC Phantom who earned their first Versatility NATCH.

Beth, Versatility NATCH Phantom and Randy

Katie Rash and her PWC Bella who achieved their Triple Triple!

Debi, Katie, Triple-Triple Bella and Randy

Mike Mason from Olympia, Washington and his little traveling group of 3 dogs who showed us all how to get out there and rack up the Q's regardless of the weather!

We moved the ring twice to drier (well, less muddy) ground; learned a LOT about what raingear works and what doesn't (I imagine the letters to L.L. Bean, Cabela and others will begin to go out today); learned which dogs are mudders and which aren't; learned that Nelson Hardy can get muddy; learned that Tom Moloney Harmon can set courses in any weather AND make excellent
choices about changing running order to keep things safe; learned that raincoats dripping on computer keyboards probably isn't a good idea; learned that even in the WORST weather people will still flock to the raffle drawings (thanks so much Pat for doing that!); and once again learned that agility people are priceless.

Thank you all so much for all you did!

High in Trial Winners:

Elite - Beth Strother and Phantom

Open - Jean Wilkins and Zephyr

Novice - Beth Cecil and Talon

And last but not least the Zero Q Club! All those who came home with no Qualifying runs, be that because they scratched for the whole weekend or just never managed a clean run.

Until next time... lets all pray for better weather in January!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canine Kinship - Muncy, PA Sept. 11-13

Huge Congratulations to Patty Kimball and her little bullet Kori on earning the Brother Vincent Spirit of Agility Award at the Canine Kinship Trial. Patty and Kori really do embody everything that the award is about, their relationship is inspiring. And watching them lay down a clean run is always breathtaking!

Lots of great runs, PZ handlers had a fantastic time at a phenomenally beautiful site with great hiking for humans and dogs, good food and always great company. It is sad that this was to be the last trial at Animal Cracker Farm. It is a wonderful place.

Also congrats to Charlotte and Raven on earning their Superior Open Tunnelers title!

This was the last tuneup, onward to Championships!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

All About Animals! September 5-6, 2009

Big congrats to PZers earning big awards at the AAA trial in Townsend, DE. There were some fun, challenging courses supplied by judge Nadia Barrett. Second to last tune-up before Championships and Team PZ is looking great!

On Saturday, with a nice Chances run Nicole Bailey and Luxx earned their NATCH-4!

On Sunday, on a tricky Jumpers course Paula Goss and Trae earned their NATCH-3 and Versatility NATCH-3!!

On Saturday with their last needed Weavers, Leanne Lohmeyer and Cody earned their Open Superior Versatility!! WTG guys.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Championships bound!

21 handlers with 27 dogs will be making the trek to Shelbyville, Tennessee to represent PAWZAZZ at the 2009 NADAC Championships! Good luck to the following teams:

Debi Hutchinson with Chime
Pat Moloney-Harmon with Aja & Beckham
Tom Moloney-Harmon with Maddie & Piper
Paula Goss with Trae (and cheerleader Tessie)
Nicole Bailey with Mojo & Luxx
Charlotte Idleman with Raven
Nicolette Eaton with Andy
Patty Kimball with Kori
Deb Baracco with Jet
Jean Wilkins with Kopper & Zephyr
Noel Firth with Sparkie & Quinn
Nelson Hardy with Hattie
Paulette Hardy with Bodie
Valerie Embry with Chloe
Beth Strother with Phantom
Priscilla Warnock with Lefty
Katie Rash with Bella
Lisa Krizan with Jasper
Lucy Peacock with Trixie
Leanne Lohmeyer with Sydney & Cody
Connie Day with Princess

In the Zone - West Friendship, MD

Big congrats to Jean Wilkins and Kopper for nailing all 4 regular runs at ITZ this weekend to earn their NATCH-8 and Versatility NATCH-8!! Well done ladies.

Also, Patty Kimball and Kori got the last Touch-n-Go and Hoopers they needed to finish their Novice Superior Versatility and Novice All Around. Way to go!!

There were many beautiful runs and we managed to dodge the miserable predicted weather for the weekend, ending with a sunny and breezy Sunday. A nice way to kick off the fall trialing season.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Night Trial!

July 24th and 25th brought Pawzazz’s 43rd NADAC trial – the annual July night trial. Things went off fairly smoothly despite humidity, a bit of thunder and lightning, and some plumbing woes! As always, PZers came out in force to work, run, play and laugh hard – not to mention finding a little time for the Electric Slide (which seems to be a little tricky in the dirt) and the YMCA dance!

Suze Sullivan once again did a wonderful job organizing The Road Kill CafĂ©. Big thanks to her as well as grill masters Mike Barracco and Josh Bailey. Everyone brought delicious salads, side dishes and desserts …. Charlotte Idleman’s potato salad is a fan favorite!

A warm welcome to Angela and Brian Cooley and their can’t-wait-to-be-trialing Border Collie, Princess. They came out to watch their first trial and worked hard both nights.

It was wonderful to see some of the dogs who’d been out due to illness or injury recently:

Paula Goss and Trae

Nicole Bailey and Mojo

Jean Wilkins and Kopper


Pat Moloney Harmon and Aja - Medal 3

Cathie Cage and Casey - NATCH 17

Val Embrey and Chloe - Novice All Around

Jean Wilkins and Zephyr - Novice Triple Superior.

Emily Levenson and Madison - Novice Versatility and Novice All Around


Leanne Lohmeyer and Cody – Superior Elite Tunnelers

Lisa Krizan and Jasper – Elite Jumpers and Outstanding Open Tunnelers

Val Embrey and Chloe – Superior Open Tunnelers

Debbie Brown and Bailey – Open Chances

Lisa Capps and Bailey – Outstanding Novice Tunnelers and Novice Jumpers

Louise Coleman-Brown and Kismet – Novice Jumpers along with a first Tunnelers Q with Rent-A-Handler Paula Goss

Val Embry and Chloe - Superior Open Jumpers and Superior Open Tunnelers

PZ HIT Awards:

Elite – a 3 way tie:

Jean Wilkins and Kopper

Tom Maloney-Harmon and Maddie

Paula Goss and Trae

Open – Val Embrey and Chloe

Novice – Beth Cecil and Flagg

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pawzazz Memorial Day Weekend Trial – Worthington Park

Good friends, good music, good weather – just good times once again in Ellicott City!

We were delighted that there was no rain and some gentle breezes unlike the weather at other recent trials. It was still a bit too hot for some dogs and handlers but, as always, PZers made good decisions in the best interest of their dogs and their own health. We missed those who had to curtail their agility fun due to the toll the heat took on them. Terry kept us grooving all weekend long with a great selection of tunes and it was fun to see people singing and rocking to the beat.

There are plenty of impressive brags from our PZ teammates:


Nicole Bailey and Mojo – NATCH-7/Versatility NATCH-7

Katie Rash and Bella - NATCH


Priscilla Warnock and Lefty – Regular Elite Superior

Beth Cecil and Talon – Hoopers Novice Superior

Debbie Brown and Bailey – TNG Novice Superior

High in Trial Winners:

Elite: Tom Maloney-Harmon and Maddie

Open: Lisa Krizan and Jasper

Novice: Sandy Ziemski and Jig (The Big Rig)

An honorable mention goes out to Steve Kowal and Sapphire in the Novice classes....they Q'd 5 out of 6 runs on Sunday. Way to go team!

The crowd gave a big round of applause for the debut of the newbie team of Louise Campbell-Brown and Kismet. Louise has been learning her lessons well from her PZ instructor as she fixed at least one start line “stay” and Kismet nailed those important 2o2o contacts! It was a very impressive debut with a first Q earned as well. We welcome Louise and Kismet to the addictive world of agility competition!

Anne Beach and Pearl returned to the ring after Pearl had been on the injured reserve list….and Pearl looked very happy about it!

Some substitute handlers gave spectators quite show: Paula ran with little Andy and also took a turn driving Jig “The Big Rig” around the ring. In Tunnelers, Jean showed Debi how to get a solid start line “stay” from Chime and also proved that the true “Queen of Not Quiet” isn’t Bracey, but Sheila! Pat Maloney-Harmon also had fun with Meg while Jane sat on the sideline with her handsome new Aussie, Sprint. Maybe we’ll see him in the agility ring in the future.

Due to the generosity of so many PZers, there were wonderful raffle prizes once again this year.


Outback Gift Card – Debbie Brown

Dog Bed – Keith Valenstein

Summer Grill Basket – Patty Kimball

Dick Francis Tapes – Sandy Ziemski

TV – Lindy Senasack

Screen Room – Jo Powell


Dog Bed – Sandy Ziemski

Summer Grill Basket– Russell Krizan

Summer Agility Dog Basket and a free lesson with Debi – Russell Krizan

Handcrafted Dog Paw Necklace from Anne Beach – Mary McGlannan

Thanks go all around to all the PZers who showed up on Friday to set up, got there early on Saturday and Sunday to get things rolling and stayed to help pack up after a long weekend! Special thanks to Jean W. for being the “Gate Keeper” for the weekend … she was there before everyone and stayed until the last car was gone!

Looking forward to more fun at Lothian in July for our night trial!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the Zone – Woodstown, NJ (May 8-10, 2009)

As usual, Pawzazz was well-represented at the latest ITZ trial. It was a fun trial at a great site (Salem County Fairgrounds) sandwiched right between two world-class "homemade" ice cream places!

Some of the smallest PZ dogs brought home big awards!

Leanne Lohmeyer and Sydney - MEDAL

Charlotte Idleman and Raven - Novice Superior Versatility

Patty Kimball and Kori - Novice Triple Superior

Way to go PZers! Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 23-24th at the next Pawzazz trial at Worthington Park in Ellicott City!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Canines In Action!

Despite the awful April heat wave, there are plenty of brags to go around…read on to see what PZers can accomplish in 90+ degree heat!

Trixie & Lucy Peacock - Elite Touch n Go

Kori & Patty Kimball - Elite Jumpers

Jasper & Lisa Krizan - Outstanding Open Weavers, Outstanding Open Regular, Open Touch n Go

Cody & Leanne Lohmeyer - Open Hoopers & finished qualifications to run in Versatility at Championships!

Beckham & Pat Moloney-Harmon - Outstanding Novice Weavers and Novice Touch n Go

Jig & Sandy Ziemski - First Novice Jumpers Q

And a special shout out to Chloe who brought home a very nice Tunnelers Q while running with Lee Carr! Linda also did a nice job running her in Jumpers while Val (who we hope is feeling much better now) was not feeling well. And Happy FIVE-OH to Val, too!

Hopefully we’ll have much more ‘seasonal’ weather at the PZ trial in May!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Brags from In the Zone!

Mother Nature may have ordered up a chilly, wet weekend but under the big top on Ski Lane there were heartwarming smiles and spirits weren't dampened in the least. There was a lot of fun during the 3 day (ok, 2-1/2 day) In the Zone trial on March 13th, 14th and 15th.

We missed one of our favorite trial secretaries, Lisa Bonker from ITZ because she was running another trial in IL. But Dwayne Bonker was there to judge the show and represent ITZ with his usual, entertaining style.

Team PZ pulled together, as always, and helped keep this trial moving right along. Tom Moloney-Harmon and Nelson Hardy kept the pace with quick course building while Nicole Bailey was queen of the keyboard keeping scores posted for the eager exhibitors all weekend. Paula Goss played ring princess and only had to take off her crown and crack her whip a few times to fill vacant volunteer seats.

There were accomplishments, big and small, all around this weekend. To name just a few of the highlights from Team Pawzazz:

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie - Versatility NATCH # 16

Paula Goss and Trae - Versatility NATCH # 2 earned with a bonus line in

Priscilla Warnock and Lefty - NATCH # 1

Lucy Peacock and Trixie - Open Triple Superior

Debbie Brown and Bailey - Novice Triple Superior

In addition to those awards, other notable moments included:

Pat Moloney-Harmon and baby Beckham with an amazing TNG run on Friday. Watch for great things from this terrifiic team!

Debi Hutchinson and Chime has some beautiful runs where Chime decided not to argue with was a thing of beauty! And not to be outdone, Garen took home some purple, too.

"Newbies" Charlotte Idleman and Raven earned their Open Jumpers title ... wait, they aren't Newbies if they are in Open, huh?

Sandy Ziemski and Jig had some very nice runs ... I saw an amazing Jumpers run. Another baby dog that is already amazing us!

Katie Rash and Bella have been working hard on solid start-line stays and looked great this weekend.

We all missed Paulette Hardy but enjoyed watching Nelson keep up with running all the dogs himself and keeping them clean, too. How does he manage it?! Oh, and nice run with Luxx, too!

We were happy to have a visit from Anne Beach even though Pearl was on house arrest after wrestling with a raccoon. Gladly, Anne tells us that Pearl will be back at the next trial ... tell those raccoons to stay away!

Half-time entertainment was brought to us by BCW ... Border Collie Wrestlemania! Debi's puppy, Gabe, and his littermate, Nicolette Eaton's pup Canon, had a lot of fun in their double-wide ex-pen ... lots of wrestling, grr'ing and some serious napping! We all think the puppies grew a little taller between Saturday and Sunday!

We are also excited to hear that Diane Gilliam has a new puppy at home...Circe (pronounced sir-see, I believe). I know Roxie is teaching her all the right habits of a proper Rottie puppy. Can't wait to meet the new pup, Diane!

Congrats to everyone on a wonderful and fun weekend!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Introducing Canon and Gabe!!

5 and 7 week pictures of Debi's new puppy Gabe and Nicolette's new puppy Canon. They will be joining the PAWZAZZ family very soon.