Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canine Kinship - State College, PA, January 15-17

What a great weekend at Canine Kinship! It is well worth the drive to State College to experience this trial. It is a great club, Vickie and Curt Vander Vere are two of the coolest folks you'll ever meet and the facility is top notch. It is a heated building, though always cold enough to make the dogs run FAST! And the surface is the best around. Dogs really seem to giggle when running on it, and they ZOOM! Add to that judge Ron Young, one of the best NADAC judges around. Such a cool guy, totally laid back and fun. He was even nice enough to demonstrate his Vulcan neck pinch on Lisa Bonker, dropped her like a stone! Won't be messing with that guy anytime soon.

We have developed some routines after attending this trial for several years now, one of which is partaking in the warm, buttery bliss that is GRILLED STICKIES!!! We missed Archie this year, he is a main supporter of Team PZ and provider of all things yummy. He always picks up a batch for us each morning. Luckily Dwayne Bonker was there to answer the call and delivered a huge stack of boxes full of the little cinnamon temptations.... And there was much rejoicing! The pick-me-up was definitely appreciated on Sunday to lift our spirits after a painful Ravens loss against the Colts the night before.

Grilled stickies weren't the only sweets around at this trial however. Pat managed to find a vendor, even at this small trial. Morgan Merriman was set up selling Girl Scout cookies all weekend. Pat bought so many boxes from her, she earned her Advanced Sales and Marketing Patch!!!

We also had DELICOUS carrot cake in honor of the indomitable Miss Maddie, who turned 12 on Saturday!! There is not a person in NADAC who hasn't heard of Maddie and rightly so, she is a force of nature. She gave Tom a little present of her own by earning her NATCH-21 on Sunday!

Lisa Bonker has invited her newest puppy into her pack, she picked him up the day before the trial started! His name is Tandem, he is the coolest dude in town. It was great to meet him and spend some time getting our fix of puppy breath. This little guy fears nothing and gives the best smooches.
Lisa and Tandem

The older puppies had a blast as well, Tessie and Jinn spent a good portion of each day running each other to exhaustion to help keep their mommies sane! They are the same size and are totally BFF right now. Tess was even nice enough to teach Jinn the Doberman how to herd. She was doing a great job herding Tess all over the field.

Also of note, we have accepted a new member into the Twilight fold. Priscilla was burning through the books all during the trial and watched the first movie while in State College as well. Welcome to the madness!!

All of this sugar and vampires must have been a potent combination, because PAWZAZZ was on FIRE! So many accomplishments from such a small group of folks:

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie - NATCH-21!!

Nicole Bailey and Mojo - NATCH-9/Versatility NATCH-9
(this one is extra special, because he has been 100% in Jumpers to get from NATCH-8 to NATCH-9!!)

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Piper - NATCH-8/Versatility NATCH-8

Debi Hutchinson and Chime - NATCH-6/Versatility NATCH-6 (no photo)

Charlotte Idleman and Raven - Open Triple Superior and Open Superior Versatility

Priscilla Warnock and Lefty - Superior Elite Touch-n-Go (no photo)

There were several other accomplishments outside of titles and awards as well:

Paula and Trae got two more BEAUTIFUL bonus line runs!

Priscilla and Lefty had their fastest YPS ever in Regular!

Patty and Kori had 14/15 perfect startlines!

Nicole and Mojo had great startlines all weekend and he has his contacts back! And 14 Jumpers Qs in a row and still counting!

Such a great weekend! If you didn't go, work it into your plans for next year. Can't wait to do it all again in 2011!