Saturday, July 25, 2009

July Night Trial!

July 24th and 25th brought Pawzazz’s 43rd NADAC trial – the annual July night trial. Things went off fairly smoothly despite humidity, a bit of thunder and lightning, and some plumbing woes! As always, PZers came out in force to work, run, play and laugh hard – not to mention finding a little time for the Electric Slide (which seems to be a little tricky in the dirt) and the YMCA dance!

Suze Sullivan once again did a wonderful job organizing The Road Kill CafĂ©. Big thanks to her as well as grill masters Mike Barracco and Josh Bailey. Everyone brought delicious salads, side dishes and desserts …. Charlotte Idleman’s potato salad is a fan favorite!

A warm welcome to Angela and Brian Cooley and their can’t-wait-to-be-trialing Border Collie, Princess. They came out to watch their first trial and worked hard both nights.

It was wonderful to see some of the dogs who’d been out due to illness or injury recently:

Paula Goss and Trae

Nicole Bailey and Mojo

Jean Wilkins and Kopper


Pat Moloney Harmon and Aja - Medal 3

Cathie Cage and Casey - NATCH 17

Val Embrey and Chloe - Novice All Around

Jean Wilkins and Zephyr - Novice Triple Superior.

Emily Levenson and Madison - Novice Versatility and Novice All Around


Leanne Lohmeyer and Cody – Superior Elite Tunnelers

Lisa Krizan and Jasper – Elite Jumpers and Outstanding Open Tunnelers

Val Embrey and Chloe – Superior Open Tunnelers

Debbie Brown and Bailey – Open Chances

Lisa Capps and Bailey – Outstanding Novice Tunnelers and Novice Jumpers

Louise Coleman-Brown and Kismet – Novice Jumpers along with a first Tunnelers Q with Rent-A-Handler Paula Goss

Val Embry and Chloe - Superior Open Jumpers and Superior Open Tunnelers

PZ HIT Awards:

Elite – a 3 way tie:

Jean Wilkins and Kopper

Tom Maloney-Harmon and Maddie

Paula Goss and Trae

Open – Val Embrey and Chloe

Novice – Beth Cecil and Flagg