Thursday, April 30, 2009

Canines In Action!

Despite the awful April heat wave, there are plenty of brags to go around…read on to see what PZers can accomplish in 90+ degree heat!

Trixie & Lucy Peacock - Elite Touch n Go

Kori & Patty Kimball - Elite Jumpers

Jasper & Lisa Krizan - Outstanding Open Weavers, Outstanding Open Regular, Open Touch n Go

Cody & Leanne Lohmeyer - Open Hoopers & finished qualifications to run in Versatility at Championships!

Beckham & Pat Moloney-Harmon - Outstanding Novice Weavers and Novice Touch n Go

Jig & Sandy Ziemski - First Novice Jumpers Q

And a special shout out to Chloe who brought home a very nice Tunnelers Q while running with Lee Carr! Linda also did a nice job running her in Jumpers while Val (who we hope is feeling much better now) was not feeling well. And Happy FIVE-OH to Val, too!

Hopefully we’ll have much more ‘seasonal’ weather at the PZ trial in May!