Monday, August 31, 2009

Championships bound!

21 handlers with 27 dogs will be making the trek to Shelbyville, Tennessee to represent PAWZAZZ at the 2009 NADAC Championships! Good luck to the following teams:

Debi Hutchinson with Chime
Pat Moloney-Harmon with Aja & Beckham
Tom Moloney-Harmon with Maddie & Piper
Paula Goss with Trae (and cheerleader Tessie)
Nicole Bailey with Mojo & Luxx
Charlotte Idleman with Raven
Nicolette Eaton with Andy
Patty Kimball with Kori
Deb Baracco with Jet
Jean Wilkins with Kopper & Zephyr
Noel Firth with Sparkie & Quinn
Nelson Hardy with Hattie
Paulette Hardy with Bodie
Valerie Embry with Chloe
Beth Strother with Phantom
Priscilla Warnock with Lefty
Katie Rash with Bella
Lisa Krizan with Jasper
Lucy Peacock with Trixie
Leanne Lohmeyer with Sydney & Cody
Connie Day with Princess

In the Zone - West Friendship, MD

Big congrats to Jean Wilkins and Kopper for nailing all 4 regular runs at ITZ this weekend to earn their NATCH-8 and Versatility NATCH-8!! Well done ladies.

Also, Patty Kimball and Kori got the last Touch-n-Go and Hoopers they needed to finish their Novice Superior Versatility and Novice All Around. Way to go!!

There were many beautiful runs and we managed to dodge the miserable predicted weather for the weekend, ending with a sunny and breezy Sunday. A nice way to kick off the fall trialing season.