Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our October Trial!

The 39th PAWZAZZ trial was fantastic! We were blessed with perfect agility weather, a little cold for the humans, but perfect for the dogs. It is always a treat to watch them the first time it's really crisp outdoors and they are just on fire!

We had judge Patty Leroy down from Calgary to join the fun. She brought some tough courses that bit a lot of us, but boy were they fun to run. She also brought good humor and good company... if loving Patty is wrong, we don't want to be right! ;)

There were several PZ teams making their big debuts at this trial:

Lisa and Bailey

Bailey is having a BLAST! (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Linda and Reba Mac

Official "PZ Caption Contest" photo (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

The proud debutantes (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Joan and Lucy

The Goose does her dogwalk (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Megan and Mani

Mani is flying (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Our annual Fall Raffle was bigger and better than it has ever been! Thanks to the help of all of PAWZAZZ and our trial participants, both donating items and buying up those tickets, we were able to raise enough money to buy two new sets of 22" weave poles. Without the tireless efforts of Pat Moloney-Harmon and a select group of raffle worker bees, this event would never happen.

Trialgoers peruse the "goods" (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Charlotte and Raven win a basket! (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Lucy shows off her prize (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

It was a great trial with great runs and great friends to share it with. And many milestones achieved. We send out huge congratulations to the following teams:

Phyllis and Zipper - Novice Triple Superior and Novice Superior Versatility!

Diane and Roxie - Novice Versatility, Superior Novice Jumpers, Superior Novice Weavers, Outstanding Novice Tunnelers!

Nicole and Mojo - Open Hoopers Title!

Lisa and Jasper - Novice Hoopers Title!

Mary and Roscoe - Outstanding Open Jumpers Title!

Beth and Flagg - Superior Novice Chances Title!

Leanne and Sydney - Novice Hoopers Title!

Leanne and Cody - Elite Tunnelers Title!

Leslie and Caly - Superior Elite Tunnelers Title, Superior Elite Touch-n-Go Title!

And lets not forget those teams that perservered on some TOUGH courses all weekend and received our High in Trial Awards:

Elite - Jean Wilkins and Kopper (10/12)

Open - Nicolette Eaton (substitute handling for Patty) and Kori (7/12)

Novice - Val Embry and Chloe (10/12)

Way to go to some awesome teams, both experienced and still new. We'll see you all again in January!

Split is so special she gets a cake, but we're not allowed to say why... :) (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Scoreboy Nelson and Echo share a hug (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

The sweep search for the "dogwalk thingie" (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Superior-ly Versatile Phyllis and Zipper show us how it's done (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Roxie was raking in the titles this weekend! (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

And she was pretty pleased about it... (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Piper is zooooming! (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PAWZAZZers go to Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower was terrific!! Weather was perfect; cool to start out with, then it warmed up but the area is in a ponderosa pine forest so there was plenty of shade, and a cool breeze, to keep us comfortable.

Wierd fact: 50 million years ago the area we walked was underneath about a mile of sediment. The Belle Fourche river has washed all that away, exposing the Tower as it went.

Another wierd fact: how uncannily clear one can hear the Tower climbers (there were at least a dozen yesterday) as they talk to one another. Paulette "Eagle Eye" Hardy was the tops for spotting teams on the rock. Must have been a good day for a climb.

After Devil's Tower (and the Prairie Dog town, the _original_ tunnelers dogs) we wandered our seperate days home. Dinner was at Margarita's, the best (and only?) Mexican restaurant in Gillette.

Pat does her bear impersonation for passing tourists

Tom shows us some of the more interesting geological features of the tower...

Jean is prepared with some awesome binoculars

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Luck to PAWZAZZers headed to NADAC Championships

This Friday a small, but mighty group leaves for the 3-day trip to Wyoming to compete in the NADAC Championships, held September 17-21. Leaving on the trek are:

Pat and Tom Moloney-Harmon with Aja, Piper, Maddie and cheerleader Beckham

Nelson and Paulette Hardy with Hattie, Bodie and cheerleader Caper

Jean Wilkins with Kopper

Nicole Bailey with Mojo & Luxx

Charlotte and Ray Idleman with cheerleader Raven

Good Luck and safe travels from your teammates at PAWZAZZ!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

July Night Trial!

The annual night trial was a huge success! Once again our heartfelt thanks go out to all that help out every year with this event. Suz Sullivan, for tirelessly planning and then maintaining the Roadkill Café with help from Priscilla and main grillman Mike. And all who brought special dishes we could munch on. Tom Moloney-Harmon for building every course and all who helped that course building go by without a hitch.

Good friends, good food, great runs! And a NATCH-ful weekend as well. Double-digit NATCHES were the order of the day, we were proud to hand out ribbons for the following:

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie - NATCH-17!

Noel Firth and Sparkie - NATCH-12!

Cathie Cage and Casey - NATCH-14!

and some already very accomplished NATCH dogs brought home their first Medals this weekend as well:

Pat Moloney-Harmon and Aja - Medal-1

Terry Herman and Ria - Medal-1

Congratulations to all our big achievers!

Pat and Tom Moloney-Harmon with their NATCH and Medal ribbons

Noel and Sparkie celebrate NATCH-12!

Some other titles were earned this weekend. Please if you know of any we need to add to this list let us know and we will gladly put them up!

Charlotte Idleman and Raven - NCC

Beth Cecil and Talon - NJC

Connie Day and Princess - 2500 Point Award and a couple of Superiors as well!

Deb Baracco and Jet - S-OJC!!

Phyllis Hayden and Zipper - S-NAC, S-TG-N, HP-N

And last but certainly not least, congratulations go out to our High in Trial winners:

Elite - Deb Baracco and Ace (10/12)

Open - Beth Strother and Phantom (8/12)

Novice - Lisa Krizan and Jasper (8.5/12)

A good time was had by all and we can't wait to do it again in October!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

This one time at an ITZ trial...

It was a fantastic weekend in Woodstown, NJ at the In the Zone 4th of July trial!! The weather was perfect, overcast and cooler than normal most of the weekend with very little actual rain. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, surrounded by good friends, good food and great runs turned in by all PZ members in attendance.

Nicole & Luxx, Pat and Paula enjoying the 4th of July!

At one point during course building, Nicole and Paula decided to put on an impromptu Agility version of American Gladiators.

The champions assess one another.

Let the games BEGIN!!

Paula utilizes her lower center of gravity to force Nicole off balance...

The flawless victory!!

The real excitement was saved for Sunday though, with Paula and Trae NAILING a flawless Jumpers run to finish his NATCH!!

And later that day, in what will henceforth be know as the "shriek run" Paula and Trae kept the crowd in suspense and got the last Tunnelers Q they needed for their Versatility NATCH!! Way to go Team!!

On the same Jumpers run as Trae finishing his NATCH, Mojo and Nicole had a shriek run of their own, but pulled it out and finished his NATCH-5 and Versatility NATCH-5!

The other PZers in attendance put in some fantastic runs as well. Tom and Piper, after attempting some amazing distance all weekend, nailed a Tunnelers Bonus Line Q as the last run of the weekend! Pat and Aja put in some really beautiful runs and Aja also qualified to run at the NADAC Championships in September. These two have looked fantastic after being out for so long. It's great to see them back!

Nicolette and Andy, another comeback team put in some fast and furious runs and as always were great fun to watch. Both Deb Baracco and Jet and Phyllis and Zipper had some amazing runs and also made some sacrifices to keep their criteria. These baby dogs are on the move, look out Elite!!

There was a whole lot of shaking going on at ITZ. Lots of memories made and titles earned. Great job Team PAWZAZZ!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Big achievements in the HEAT at High Octane!!

Big congrats on some big titles earned at the High Octane trial in Doylestown, PA this weekend!! Saturday, eliminating any suspense by nailing her first regular run of the weekend Debi and Chime finished their NATCH-5 ! And to make a nice pair of matching ribbons they got Weavers to finish her Versatility NATCH-4!! You go girls!

Debi was on a roll this weekend, because Garen finished his Novice Triple Superior (a.k.a. "Novice NATCH") on his first regular run today!! Leanne and her auss-ome Mini Aussie Cody also finished their Novice Triple Superior and Novice Superior Versatility on the same run! Cody made his debut in Elite this weekend in Elite Jumpers with a bang, bringing home 2 Qs his first time out. What an amazing team.

Last, but not least. Charlotte and Raven finished their VERY FIRST TITLE today! They earned their NJC with a first place Jumpers Q and a very pretty run it was indeed.

There were many beautiful runs in spite of the punishing heat, and also many good decisions made by people in the interest of their canine partners. All in all, a great weekend at High Octane!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Word has it that Nelson Hardy and his speedball Eskie, Hattie have officially earned that last pesky Jumpers to complete their Platinum Speed Star! I believe this was also Hattie's Platinum Versatility Speed Star as well. Way to go guys!!

Not to be outdone, Debi Hutchinson and Josh have earned their THIRD Platinum Speed Star! WOOHOOO team!

For those of you that don't know, a Platinum Speed Star requires 20 Regular, 10 Jumpers and 10 Chances, all of those Q's have to be with a DRI of 100+ (except for Chances, which has no DRI). For the Versatility, you add 10 each of Touch-n-Go, Tunnelers and Weavers. This is no easy feat and it showcases the few teams that possess extreme speed and consistency. We just happen to have at least 4 teams in our club that have earned this award, 3 of them multiple times over. And a few more that are right on the edge of earning it. Great job team PZ!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New PAWZAZZ blog is up and running!

Welcome to the blog, here we will keep you updated on the latest news and brags from the club. It is the latest addition to the ever growing PZ website. Enjoy!