Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PZ scores big at ITZ!

The last In the Zone trial of the year was a blast! There were almost 500 runs on Saturday, but we got it done and had such a fun time. As always, there was food, music and great friends to share it with. Judge Don Cuda brought a big smile as always and some really fun courses. Team PZ had a good showing and achieved some big milestones over the weekend. Huge congrats go out to:

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Piper - NATCH-12/Versatility NATCH-12!

Beth Strother and Phantom - NATCH-4/Versatility NATCH-4!

Leanne Lohmeyer and Cody - Triple-Triple Superior!! Cody is the first born-deaf dog to achieve this feat!!!

After months of rehab Bailey Brown made his return to competition with a very happy Debbie running alongside him!

And after 7 months off from agility following an injury, Mojo Bailey made his big comeback to the ring. He never missed a beat, and both he and Nicole could not stop beaming the whole weekend long.

Thanks so much to Lisa and Dwayne for the great trials you put on all year long. Here's to an even better 2012!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Medals at ITZ!!

Huge congratulations to Pat Moloney-Harmon and her boy Beckham on earning their first Medal and Versatility Medal with a beautiful Chances run on Sunday at the In the Zone trial in Woodstown, NJ!

Paula Goss and Trae continue to rock, earning their Medal-4/Versatility Medal-4!

Way to go, both teams looked great all weekend.

Friday, November 18, 2011

NADAC Champs 2011!

A strong contingent of PZ family and friends made the trip to Springfield, Illinois to participate in the 2011 NADAC Championships. Representing our club was Paula Goss with Trae, Pat Moloney-Harmon with Aja and Beckham, Tom Moloney-Harmon with Maddie and Piper, Jean Wilkins with Kopper and Zephyr, Charlotte Idleman with Raven, Priscilla Warnock with Lefty, Beth Strother with Phantom, Val Embrey with Chloe, Leanne Lohmeyer with Sydney and Cody, Judy Whitbred with Rocky, and Sam Lietz with Schatzi.

It was an amazing week, starting with Pre Champs early in the week, including the Extreme Games Challenge Championships which Val with Chloe and Jean with Kopper and Zephyr competed. Both ladies came in 2nd place in their respective divisions!! Then Championships began and so many beautiful runs on challenging courses. The East Coast was very well represented and put on quite a strong showing throughout the week. All of us who stayed at home cheered everyone on from the live feed, many of us spending hours watching our friends and not so much time devoted to work!

From L-R: Aja, Maddie, Beckham, Raven, Piper, Lefty, Cody, Sydney and Phantom enjoy some sightseeing

Priscilla's sweet ride

Tom Moloney Harmon and Scott Casino manning the PZ central cheering section

Champs judge extraordinaire Ron Young shows of his smile

Chloe Hooping it up in EGC

Chris, surely getting into some kind of trouble...

Amanda Nelson and Try nailing a bonus run and earning their Mod Squad!! Way to go girls!!

Paula and Trae running to victory in the finals

Matt McCarter, more than likely laughing at Scott Casino's questionnaire.

A kiss before Beth and Phantom run in the finals!

Go Phantom GO!

Paula cheering on the Team competitors

Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweatpants, winners of the best-dressed team award! From L-R: Margaret Reitmeyer and Tempe-Wick, Cindy Peacock and Chance, Charlotte Idleman and Raven.

Raven is a good sport, but she's NOT amused!

At the end of the week there were many brags for PAWZAZZ and our friends. Huge hugs and congratulations go to the following:

Paula Goss and Trae: Overall Champion for the 16" division, Highest number of 100+ DRIs in 2011 and winner of the Judges Choice for Best Weaver award offered in honor of Kori Kimball and co-recipient of the Lucky Award with Amanda Nelson and Try

Val Embrey and Chloe: 2nd place overall in 16" EGC

Jean Wilkins and Kopper: 2nd place overall in 20" EGC, Top Proficient Dog for 2011

Maddie Moloney-Harmon - Top NADAC dog of all time with 22,685 lifetime points!!!

Kori Kimball, our special angel earned the 3rd most 100+ DRIs in 2011.
We miss you KG.

We are also happy to congratulate our friends and extended PZ family for all of their successes! What a great group of people we get to trial and travel with most of the year.

Tina Power and Loudon: Overall Champion 20 inch division

Lisa Bonker and Moxie: Overall Double-Digit Champion for 12-16" dogs

Scott Casino and Summer: Overall Champion for 12" dogs

Chris Chapman and Chelsea - 2nd Place overall 8" dog and Top Skilled Dog of 2011

Diana Thompson and Noah - 2nd place overall 20" division

Kitty Bowman and Clue (no photo) - Overall Double-Digit Champion for 4/8 dogs

Cathie Cage and Casey (no photo) - 3rd place overall in 12/16" Double-Digit Vets

Scott Whittington and Lexis (no photo) - 3rd place overall in 4/8" Vets

Cindy Peacock and Chance (no photo) - 3rd place overall in the Veteran/JH 12" division

Champs is all about seeing old friends from all over the US and Canada, meeting and making new ones and spending a week immersed in Dog World, enjoying our teammates and testing ourselves against the courses. It is a wonderful experience, the camaraderie, the excitement, the level of skill we get to witness is a pleasure to behold. We look forward to feeling the thrill again next year...

Heartfelt hugs and congratulations

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

July Night Trial!

WOW! This was a challenging weekend!The heat was high but the handlers and dogs
showed like the troopers they are and the results prove that a great time was
had by all! Thanks to our judge, Chris Nelson and all of the folks who worked so
hard to make this trial a success!

Phoenix and Debi (substitute handling for Suz Sullivan) celebrate his big DEBUT!

Heather and Lupa looked great on their debut!

All the dogs love Nicolette's healing hands

Celebrating Charlotte and Raven's NATCH & Versatility NATCH!

Some mustaches were making their way around the trial...

Here's a list of accomplishments we know about for this trial and if we have
missed anyone, we apologize:

Cathie Cage and Casey NATCH 23

Nicole Bailey & Luxx NATCH 8
Sue Cannon & Gauge NATCH 2
Charles Burdick & Bubba NATCH & VERSATILITY NATCH

Sam Lietz and Shatzi Triple Triple, Elite Superior Triple Superior

Erma Bader & Zees Open Triple Superior & Versatility

Scott Whittington & Romance Novice Triple Superior
High in Trial Teams: Jean Wilkins & Kopper (Elite), Nicolette Eaton & Canon (Open) and Lynn Sipe & Hootie tied with Christy Faber and Jake for Novice

Debbie Baracco, Bull Rider Excellent
Suze Sullivan, Food Organizer Supreme
Priscilla Warnock, Apprentice Food Organizer Superior
Tom Moloney Harmon, Course Builder Superb
Debi Hutchinson, Dirt Flattener Unparalleled
Paula Goss, Ribbon Provider Queen

Team PAWZAZZ....... Priceless!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

May Trial

Congrats to our High in Trial Winners, Priscilla and Lefty in Elite, Steve and Sapphire in Open and Nicolette and Canon in Novice!