Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PAWZAZZ slogs through!

We want to thank everyone who came to our trial this past weekend and ran who worked so hard.

This was the most singularly miserable weekend we have ever experienced as a trial giving group. The only weather condition that didn't happen was warm. It didn't rain, it poured. Then, it drizzled. Then, overnight, it snowed. Finally, the wet stopped but the wind came up. YUK!

What is all this stuff??

For many years, we have somehow managed to squeak trials in between rain storms; ice storms; snowstorms; heatwaves and such and have avoided being slammed. We've kept quiet lest the little bad weather gods notice us and focus their skills upon us. I think they finally noticed.

Our very courageous judge, Randy hand, kept his word and constantly checked and re-checked safety factors, luckily always being able to decide that although it was "miserable" it was safe. He went above and beyond the call of duty, changing a flat tire on my car on the way home from dinner on Saturday night! Thanks Randy!

So many good choices were made about whether or not to run dogs. More dogs were pulled than ran BUT the ones that ran did so with style and were obviously having a blast in the rain and yuk. On Sunday, when things cleared up in the afternoon, it was great to see many more dogs on course.

Thanks to all who chose not to run but who stayed and made it all work!

Several big milestones were achieved regardless!

Nicolette Eaton and her tiny Sheltie Andy achieved their NATCH and Versatility NATCH! Not many teams that we know of got their Speed Star before their NATCH!

Randy, Nicolette and Debi

Beth Strother and her BC Phantom who earned their first Versatility NATCH.

Beth, Versatility NATCH Phantom and Randy

Katie Rash and her PWC Bella who achieved their Triple Triple!

Debi, Katie, Triple-Triple Bella and Randy

Mike Mason from Olympia, Washington and his little traveling group of 3 dogs who showed us all how to get out there and rack up the Q's regardless of the weather!

We moved the ring twice to drier (well, less muddy) ground; learned a LOT about what raingear works and what doesn't (I imagine the letters to L.L. Bean, Cabela and others will begin to go out today); learned which dogs are mudders and which aren't; learned that Nelson Hardy can get muddy; learned that Tom Moloney Harmon can set courses in any weather AND make excellent
choices about changing running order to keep things safe; learned that raincoats dripping on computer keyboards probably isn't a good idea; learned that even in the WORST weather people will still flock to the raffle drawings (thanks so much Pat for doing that!); and once again learned that agility people are priceless.

Thank you all so much for all you did!

High in Trial Winners:

Elite - Beth Strother and Phantom

Open - Jean Wilkins and Zephyr

Novice - Beth Cecil and Talon

And last but not least the Zero Q Club! All those who came home with no Qualifying runs, be that because they scratched for the whole weekend or just never managed a clean run.

Until next time... lets all pray for better weather in January!!