Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the Zone - March 19-21

What a wild weekend! The PZ contingent that attended ITZ in Millersville was blessed with beautiful (some would say HOT) weather. A nice change from the blizzards and rain we've been enduring for months.

There were some major accomplishments by PZers and PZ friends:

Kate Hutchinson and her Darling Delta earned their first NATCH with a beautiful Jumpers run!

Darryl Power and Bristol earned their NATCH-3/Versatility NATCH-3!!

Darryl and his ladies (clockwise from top left: Cathie Cage, Darryl Power, Tina Power, Pam Graci, Paula Goss, Bristol Power and Nicole Bailey)

Nicole and Paula congratulate Darryl on his NATCH!

Pat Stagg and Sox earned their first NATCH on the same Jumpers as Delta and Kate!

Jean Wilkins and Kopper earned their Elite All-Around! (no photo)

Cathie Cage and Clayton earned their Open Triple Superior, Open Superior Versatility and Open All-Around with a smokin' Jumpers run after waiting 8 months for a leg!!

Christine Chapman and Chelsea earned their Novice Superior Versatility and Novice All-Around

Though we always miss Lisa Bonker at this trial, we had an awful lot of fun while she was running the ITZ trial in Illinois! Smiles wherever you looked and some smoking runs! One of the major themes of the weekend was PZ adoptee Scott Casino's 40th birthday!

Gripping his walker for dear life

Dirt Cakes from Nicole

We tortured him throughout the weekend, but saved the best for Sunday his actual birthday. Gag gifts and a pinata were part of the festivities. Old man Casino is a good sport and endured all the ribbing with a smile all day long. Anne Beach was kind enough to video his pinata bashing for us.

All blindfolded and ready to go!

Reality sets in...

What a fantastic weekend. Visiting retiree NATCH Willow's smile says it all. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our March Trial!

Mother Nature made nice after all the terrible weather she's been throwing at us for our last couple of trials! After mudfest 2009 in October and a generous dumping of snow and frigid cold in January, we had a weekend of BEAUTIFUL, warm sunny weather for March!

Our judge Maureen Burke brought some challenging courses, but Team PZ looked great out there. Chances, in particular was a real doozie. Team after team bit the dust on a really hard course. In the end only Paula and Trae were able to make it through and they made it look EASY! Congrats to an awesome pair.

As usual Suz was working hard keeping everyone fed and happy with the Roadkill Cafe. Her breakfast sandwiches are to die for and the service is top notch! Proceeds from the RKC go toward our equipment fund and we are over halfway to a new set of 24" weaves so thanks everyone who contributed!

The Platinum Speed Star is an award that prizes speed and accuracy, you need to have 20 Regular runs with a 100+ DRI, and 10 in Jumpers, and also have 10 Chances. These teams are the embodiment of the skills that make NADAC such a great venue. We are very proud to have TEN teams in PAWZAZZ to have achieved this feat!! Many of them have multiple Speed Stars to their credit. Tebi was nice enough to purchase some beautiful ribbons to mark their achievement. Congratulations to:

Debi Hutchinson and Josh
Debi Hutchinson and Chime
Paula Goss and Split
Paula Goss and Trae
Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie
Tom Moloney-Harmon and Piper
Debbie Baracco and Ace
Nicolette Eaton and Andy
Nelson Hardy and Hattie
Lynn Sipe and Asher

The PSS crew! (l-r: Deb Baracco, Nelson Hardy, Nicolette Eaton, Debi Hutchinson, Tom Moloney-Harmon, Paula Goss)
Nicole helps Terry pass out the ribbons, she was prevented from absconding with the whole batch!

Nicolette with her prize, Andy may be one of the only dogs in NADAC to have gotten a PSS BEFORE his NATCH!

There were also some awards earned at our trial, congrats to the following:

Katie Rash and Bella (aka Thunderbunny) - Versatility NATCH!!

Nicole Bailey and Mojo - Elite All-Around!

Sam Lietz and Schatzi - Novice Superior Versatility and Novice All-Around!

There were also plenty of other brags:

Charlotte Idleman and Raven had their first Elite Touch-n-Go over 5YPS!

Patty Kimball and Kori earned their Open Superior Touch-n-Go title and had the fasted time in Elite Weavers for all jump heights! She is one fast little sheltie.

Luxx Bailey got TWO Elite Weavers in one weekend! Go little red girl go!

Debbie Brown and Bailey earned their Outstanding Open Regular title and got TWO Novice weavers to boot!

And let's not forget one of the most important achievements of the weekend, after years of difficulty and with some coaching from his friends, Nelson Hardy finally learned to pronounce the word "colonoscopy!" Way to go Nelson!!! :)

Also a big congrats go out to our High in Trial winners:

HIT Winners with Debi (l-r: Debbie Brown, Phyllis Hayden, Pat Moloney-Harmon, Jean Wilkins and Judy Whitbread)

Elite - Jean Wilkins and Kopper

Open - A 3-way tie! Pat Moloney-Harmon and Beckham, Phyllis Hayden and Zipper and Debbie Brown and Bailey

Novice - Judy Whitbread and Rocky

Beth Cecil gives Phyllis a congratulatory hug for a well earned HIT!

After the arena was cleared, all the PZ puppies took the place over and had a GREAT TIME! Here are some of their antics, thanks Anne Beach for the video! In this video are Paula Goss's Tessie, Nicole Bailey's Jinn, Debbie Baracco's Cash, Anne Beach's Nelle and Suz Sullivan's Phoenix.

It was a great trial, thanks to all that attended and made it such a good time. See you again in May!!