Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our October Trial!

The 39th PAWZAZZ trial was fantastic! We were blessed with perfect agility weather, a little cold for the humans, but perfect for the dogs. It is always a treat to watch them the first time it's really crisp outdoors and they are just on fire!

We had judge Patty Leroy down from Calgary to join the fun. She brought some tough courses that bit a lot of us, but boy were they fun to run. She also brought good humor and good company... if loving Patty is wrong, we don't want to be right! ;)

There were several PZ teams making their big debuts at this trial:

Lisa and Bailey

Bailey is having a BLAST! (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Linda and Reba Mac

Official "PZ Caption Contest" photo (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

The proud debutantes (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Joan and Lucy

The Goose does her dogwalk (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Megan and Mani

Mani is flying (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Our annual Fall Raffle was bigger and better than it has ever been! Thanks to the help of all of PAWZAZZ and our trial participants, both donating items and buying up those tickets, we were able to raise enough money to buy two new sets of 22" weave poles. Without the tireless efforts of Pat Moloney-Harmon and a select group of raffle worker bees, this event would never happen.

Trialgoers peruse the "goods" (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Charlotte and Raven win a basket! (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Lucy shows off her prize (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

It was a great trial with great runs and great friends to share it with. And many milestones achieved. We send out huge congratulations to the following teams:

Phyllis and Zipper - Novice Triple Superior and Novice Superior Versatility!

Diane and Roxie - Novice Versatility, Superior Novice Jumpers, Superior Novice Weavers, Outstanding Novice Tunnelers!

Nicole and Mojo - Open Hoopers Title!

Lisa and Jasper - Novice Hoopers Title!

Mary and Roscoe - Outstanding Open Jumpers Title!

Beth and Flagg - Superior Novice Chances Title!

Leanne and Sydney - Novice Hoopers Title!

Leanne and Cody - Elite Tunnelers Title!

Leslie and Caly - Superior Elite Tunnelers Title, Superior Elite Touch-n-Go Title!

And lets not forget those teams that perservered on some TOUGH courses all weekend and received our High in Trial Awards:

Elite - Jean Wilkins and Kopper (10/12)

Open - Nicolette Eaton (substitute handling for Patty) and Kori (7/12)

Novice - Val Embry and Chloe (10/12)

Way to go to some awesome teams, both experienced and still new. We'll see you all again in January!

Split is so special she gets a cake, but we're not allowed to say why... :) (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Scoreboy Nelson and Echo share a hug (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

The sweep search for the "dogwalk thingie" (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Superior-ly Versatile Phyllis and Zipper show us how it's done (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

Roxie was raking in the titles this weekend! (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)

And she was pretty pleased about it... (photo courtesy of Anne Beach)

Piper is zooooming! (photo courtesy of Terry Wright)