Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Trial

Last year at this trial we were slowly baking in 90+ degree temps. This year we were bundled up in fleece hats and winter coats enduring the wind chill! Most of us were more than happy to endure a bit of wind burn to see the dogs run fast with big smiles in the unexpected cold snap. It was a huge improvement!

The next generation of agility pups got to practice a bit and just hang out and watch the big dogs strut their stuff. By the time they debut they will all be seasoned travelers and trial goers. We are excited to see them in the ring sometime in 2014!

Phyllis Hayden's Beamer contemplates the meaning of water

Deb Baracco's Spy shows off his Hooping skills

Nicole Bailey's Loki shows off his inner piranha in a game of tug with Mom

We had lots of great runs and some major accomplishments. Huge congrats to the following teams:

Priscilla Warnock and Lefty - NATCH-6 !!

Lisa Krizan and Jasper - NATCH!!

Jan Moran and Izzy - Triple Triple Superior!

Paula Goss and Tessie - Platinum Speed Star/Versatility Platinum Speed Star!

Debi Hutchinson and Gabe - Platinum Speed Star/Versatility Platinum Speed Star!

 Priscilla Warnock and Robey - Novice Triple Superior and Novice Superior Versatility!

Congrats to the following teams on some awesome milestones as well:

Fran and Nova - Elite Regular title (no photo available)

Chris and Piper - Outstanding Open Jumpers title (no photo available)

Bonnet had her fastest run ever, 3.85 YPS!!


Jasper - Outstanding Elite Weavers title (no photo available)


Lucy - Q'd in Weavers (no photo available)


Chip - Weavers Q at 5.15 YPS!!

It was a very successful weekend for a lot of teams. Awesome job by the High in Trial winners:

Elite High in Trial - Tie between Nicolette Eaton and Canon & Sam Lietz and Schatzi!


Veterans High in Trial - Tie between Beth Strother's Phantom (expertly handled by Phyllis Hayden) & Jean Wilkins and Kopper


Open High in Trial - Phil Ulerich and Copper


Novice High in Trial - Clay Batchelor and Yoshi


Thanks for coming to play with us. See you all in July!!!