Saturday, February 11, 2012

January Trial!

We were blessed with unseasonably GORGEOUS weather for our January trial. Since we are in an unheated horse arena this is unbelievably appreciated. It was sunny and breaking into the 60s each day. There were a lot of smiling faces, human and doggie, to be seen.

Suz once again masterminded the Roadkill Cafe. Crockpots lined up like soldiers, each one filled with some hot, delicious goodies. We all ate well and enjoyed sampling new dishes and some old favorites. There were lots of desserts and and even breakfast sandwiches made to order each morning. We are so spoiled!

We had some big debuts at this trial. Priscilla Warnock and baby Robey made their big leap into competition, entering a few classes and looking great! They even earned their first Q!!

Robey is loving this game (photo courtesy of Deb Baracco)

Go Weave! (Photo courtesy of Debbie Burdick)

Erin Batchelor and Lola started off with a bang, earning a Q on their very first run!

Lola is ready to GO! (Photo courtesy of Debbie Burdick)

Anne Lallande and Jake looked like and experienced team and brought home a Q to celebrate her mustering up the courage to hit the big time and enter their first trial! (No photo available)

We look forward to watching these 3 PZ teams start their journey together and seeing all of the success as they grow in the sport.

We got to give out some pretty ribbons this time around. Huge congrats to:

Nicole Bailey and Mojo NATCH-13/Versatility NATCH-13!

Scott Whittington and Lexis Versatility NATCH-7!

And another cool note, brothers Gabe and Canon, owned by Debi Hutchinson and Nicolette Eaton, earned their Novice All Arounds on the same day! Good job boys!!

We all had a blast running on some fun courses brought to us by Ben Philibert, one of our favorite judges. He comes out to judge this trial every year and we are always happy to see his smiling face. Some of our members had some real success out there, leading to a first for high in trial. We are so proud of them! Congrats to:

Deb Baracco and Jet - Elite / Deb Baracco and Cash - Open / Anne Beach and Nelle - Novice

This is the first time any one handler has taken HIT with 2 different dogs!! Way to go Deb! And way to go Anne and Nelle who are really starting to gel as a team and it shows in your results.

It was a ton of fun, we will see everyone soon for our March trial. Here's hoping we don't have snow!

**All photos courtesy of Priscilla Warnock unless otherwise indicated. Visit her here.