Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our January Trial!

We made it through! We were missing Debi terribly, she had to teach a seminar and we did our best to hold down the PZ fort without her. Mother nature threw us a curveball by turning her "dusting of snow" into 6+ inches on Saturday. Those that braved the entire day ended up canceling hoopers and leaving early. In spite of the weather, there were lots of smiles, great food courtesy of the Road Kill Cafe and some killer runs! Totally worth the chaos of driving home on completely unplowed roads and then coming back on Sunday morning to do it all again! Agility addicts for sure! Our judge, Ben Philibert was nice enough to check with NADAC and squeeze in Hoopers as an extra class at the end of the day on Sunday so we all got our runs in which was fantastic.

There were MANY accomplishments at this trial. Some, very long awaited sweet victories that were a joy to behold. Thanks to Priscilla Warnock for the photos!

Connie Day and Princess NATCH!!!

Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie Vers-NATCH 19

Lisa Bonker and Cuba MEDAL 6

Andrea Lengi and Lucas NATCH 3

Pat Moloney-Harmon and Beckham Novice All Around (no photo)

Sam Lietz and Schatzi Novice Triple Superior (no photo)

Val Embry and Chloe Open Triple Superior

Judy Whitbred and Rockie Novice Versatility

Paula did a great job substituting for Debi and giving out the High in Trial awards. She even distributed lots of hugs to the HIT teams.
Elite HIT - A FOUR-way tie!
From L-R: Kate Hutchinson with Delta, Pat Moloney-Harmon with Aja, Judge Ben Philibert, Nicole Bailey with Mojo AND Luxx and Debbie Baracco with Jet

Open HIT
Jim Faber and Kipper

Novice HIT
Anne Beach and Pearl!!! WOOHOOO!

The trailer is packed, we're ready to do it all again in March! Here's hoping for no snow...