Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PAWZAZZers go to Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower was terrific!! Weather was perfect; cool to start out with, then it warmed up but the area is in a ponderosa pine forest so there was plenty of shade, and a cool breeze, to keep us comfortable.

Wierd fact: 50 million years ago the area we walked was underneath about a mile of sediment. The Belle Fourche river has washed all that away, exposing the Tower as it went.

Another wierd fact: how uncannily clear one can hear the Tower climbers (there were at least a dozen yesterday) as they talk to one another. Paulette "Eagle Eye" Hardy was the tops for spotting teams on the rock. Must have been a good day for a climb.

After Devil's Tower (and the Prairie Dog town, the _original_ tunnelers dogs) we wandered our seperate days home. Dinner was at Margarita's, the best (and only?) Mexican restaurant in Gillette.

Pat does her bear impersonation for passing tourists

Tom shows us some of the more interesting geological features of the tower...

Jean is prepared with some awesome binoculars

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Luck to PAWZAZZers headed to NADAC Championships

This Friday a small, but mighty group leaves for the 3-day trip to Wyoming to compete in the NADAC Championships, held September 17-21. Leaving on the trek are:

Pat and Tom Moloney-Harmon with Aja, Piper, Maddie and cheerleader Beckham

Nelson and Paulette Hardy with Hattie, Bodie and cheerleader Caper

Jean Wilkins with Kopper

Nicole Bailey with Mojo & Luxx

Charlotte and Ray Idleman with cheerleader Raven

Good Luck and safe travels from your teammates at PAWZAZZ!!