Monday, March 26, 2012

Star City Brags!

Huge congrats to our PAWZAZZ members who braved the heat and then the endless rain at Star City down in Roanoke, VA and came out with some pretty impressive achievements!!

Jean Wilkins & Kopper - NATCH and VERS NATCH 18

Tom Moloney-Harmon & Maddie - MEDAL 1 (finally got that elusive Chances leg from little Maddie FooFoo who has decided "switch" is a bad word) and Pat Moloney-Harmon & Kevin Buckman aka Beckham - MEDAL & VERS MEDAL 2!!
And congrats also to PZ friend Chris Chapman and Chelsea for earning her Medal-6! All of these were earned on the same Chances run.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Trial

It started out a bit gloomy and rainy. We had to make some changes in the normal parking arrangements due to some messy mud, but we ended with beautiful, sunny weather and as always big smiles and great food.

Judge Dwayne Bonker brought some interesting courses, but the teams were up to the challenge! So many beautiful runs at this trial, it was great to see some new teams really coming together, to see established teams looking great and to see teams that have been sidelined by injury make a beautiful comeback. It sure was nice to see Lynn and Asher tearing up the courses again.

There was a particularly fast and fun tunnelers course on Saturday. Big smiles from both dogs and handlers on that one. There were six dogs over 8 YPS on that course and one even reached 9.10 YPS!! Amazing!

As usual Debi Hutchinson was handling about 100 dogs. No idea how she manages to fit it all in and run so well with so many different sizes and personalities. She ran her own dogs and also was a superb rent-a-handler for Phoenix, Keli and Mr. Phancy Pants Phantom. There were some beautiful runs with each of these dogs. Way to go Debi!

We had 4 big debuts at this trial as well. Those teams are just starting out, but already showing so much promise! Each one earned their first Q at their first trial. Way to go!

Lindy and Remi

Judy and Pebbles

Brian and Chick

Doug and Cassie

We have gotten a new brag board where everyone can share their triumphs both big and small. It was so cool to see everyone's accomplishments listed together like that. We sure have a lot to celebrate. Huge congrats go out to:

Charlotte Idleman and Raven - NATCH-2/Versatility NATCH-2!!

Debbie Brown and "Boombox" Bailey - Open Triple Superior!

Nicole Bailey and Jinn - Novice Versatility!

Donna Miller and Blue - Novice Versatility!

There were many titles earned and firsts accomplished. Congrats to:

Sapphire - 1st Elite Q, S-OAC, S-OCC

Nicco - 1st Q in Open Touch-n-Go, O-TN-O

Bonnet - 1st Q in Novice Jumpers!

Romance - S-OAC

Lucky - NCC

Dart - HP-E

Jasper - O-TN-E and he held his stay!

Keli - S-TG-N, OJC, TN-O

Blue - O-TN-O, NCC

Dora - S-TG-N, S-TN-N

Because everyone was running so well, the competition for High in Trial was fierce. Those that earned the ribbons at this trial had perfect or near perfect weekends. WOW! Impressive performances by all 3 teams.

HIT teams from L-R: Open - Joan and Lucy, Novice - Anne and Nelle, Debi and her magical path-drawing crayon, Elite - Jean and Kopper

And possibly the biggest brag of the whole weekend... Paula Goss and both her dogs got to the trial on time on Sunday!! We are proud of you Paula! :) In all seriousness, it was a fun weekend and we can't wait to see you all again in May. Mark your calendars for the 26-27!

**All photos courtesy of the wonderful Priscilla Warnock**