Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Trial

Well our first daytime July trial is in the books. We tried a new site and a new time and it was a great success! After a week of sweltering temps, we were blessed with surprisingly cool(ish) and breezy weather. The dogs enjoyed being out of the sun and having the pond to take a dip in if they got too warm or just wanted to blow off some steam. We really appreciate Mary and Connie supplying us with such a great facility in which to play with our teammates.

We had two big debuts this weekend. It is always a pleasure to watch new handlers with new dogs or established handlers just starting out with their baby dogs. Congrats and welcome to the madness Odette and Nitro. And way to go Jean and Wit on making your NADAC debut.

Nitro loves this game!

Wit is driving through the finish

Another big "re-debut" for Val and Chloe in the jumping classes now that she is an 8" Skilled Veteran. Not sure who's smile was bigger as they were flying around the courses.

Katie and her Platinum Speed Star Thunderbunny Bella were tearing up courses on Saturday, and then Katie's daughter Alayna came to visit us all on Sunday. She even got to play some agility, running her very first Hoopers course with Beth doing a fine job of handling.

The big finish!
Alayna is showing off her winnings

Judge Chris Nelson brought us some fun and challenging courses and his usual good company.  Lots of big accomplishments this weekend. Big congrats to the following:

Jean Wilkins and Kopper - NATCH 25 and Versatility NATCH 25!! HOLY COW!

Beth Cecil and Talon - NATCH!

Nicolette Eaton and Canon - Versatility NATCH!

Rosemary Haynes and K.C. NATCH!


And last but not least, big congrats to our High In Trial winners. What a talented and consistent group of competitors.

Elite High in Trial - Sam Lietz and Schatzi

Veteran High in Trial - Jean Wilkins and Kopper

Open High in Trial - Connie Day and Jaina

Novice High in Trial - Erin Batchelor and Lola


L-R: Connie and Jaina, Erin, Sam, Jean, and our fearless leader Debi

Thanks to everyone for making this weekend so much fun. As Paula said, "Pawzazz is a family.  We support each other, we fight with each other, we make up with each other.  We help each other through huge losses, celebrate holidays, toast milestones, cheer up from illnesses, help move from house to house, help raise each others puppies, kids, spouses.....we're crazy, competitive, loud, quiet, laid back, uptight, shy.......but at the end of the day, we are one!" We love our Pawzazz family and all of our extended family as well that come and support our trials and make them the fun and relaxed time that they are.

The Debs obsessing about Africa...

In October we will hold the final trial of the year at Blob's Park. Next year, 3 of the 5 trials will be at Hog Dog in Millersville and 2 will be at Periland in Knoxville, MD. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

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