Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Trial

Our October trial has come and gone. It was a great time as usual, with some phenomenal runs and the always fun times with our friends both human and canine. We had a very successful raffle this year that will contribute to some great new equipment for the club. Thanks to everyone who participated, be that by donating items, assembling baskets or buying tons of tickets to try and win a prize! Congrats to all the raffle winners.

There was a great deal of success to celebrate, our brag board was completely full! Huge congrats to the following teams:

Cathy Cage & Casey- Versatility NATCH-20!!!

Scott Casino & Summer - NATCH-10!

Sam Lietz & The Schatzinator - NATCH-10!

Debi & Gabe - NATCH-5!

Cathy Cage & Clayton- NATCH and Versatility NATCH-4!

Katie Rash & Bella - NATCH-3!

Scott Casino & Cali - Versatility NATCH-2!
Gate Witch accepts ribbons on Scott's behalf

Diana Deadrick & Chesnee- Elite Triple Superior and TRIPLE TRIPLE SUPERIOR!

Lissie - Novice Versatility 

Priscilla Warnock & Robey- Open Superior Regular

Peggy Simpson & Chip- Novice Superior T&G

 Lisa Capps & Gabriel - O-TG-N

Sam - Elite Chances

Lorraine Ross & Coupe: Debut 1st Q T&G

Diane & Sage - Debut and 1st Regular Q

Ralph & Buster - First Q and then 2 more! 

Big congrats to our High in Trial teams as well, Elite - Nicolette Eaton and Canon, Veteran - Jean Wilkins and Kopper, Open - Beth Strother and Keegan, Novice - Erin Batchelor and Lola! Well done all of you, great consistent teams who are putting it all out there on every run.

It was a great 2013 trialing with you all, have a great holiday season and we will see you in January to kick off 2014!!

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